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Citation Title
[2018] NSWSC 177 Allan v Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
[2018] NSWLEC 18 Olefines Pty Ltd v Valuer-General of New South Wales
[2018] NSWSC 160 Pritchard v Fryer
[2017] NSWCA 54 Ku-ring-gai Council v Garry West as delegate of the Acting Director-General, Office of Local Government  Am
[2018] NSWSC 173 Desane Properties Pty Limited v State of New South Wales
[2018] NSWLEC 1080 Cairich Property Development Pty Ltd v Strathfield Council
[2014] NSWLEC 1259 Barich v Parramatta City Council  Am
[2018] NSWSC 155 Lauvan Pty Limited & Anor v Bega & Ors (No 2)
[2018] NSWSC 154 Lauvan Pty Limited & Anor v Bega & Ors
[2018] NSWSC 136 Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited v Tallevine Pty Ltd (as trustee for the Thornleigh Trading Trust)
[2018] NSWDC 24 R v Pambris
[2018] NSWSC 171 Application by [24], Inc
[2013] NSWSC 1503 R v Gittany  Am
[2018] NSWSC 151 The Star Pty Ltd v Wong
[2018] NSWCATAP 47 WaxHed Incorporated Pty Ltd v Empire Real Estate Australia Ltd  Am
[2018] NSWSC 170 R v Stephen (No. 5)
[2018] NSWSC 169 R v Stephen (No. 4)
[2018] NSWSC 168 R v Stephen (No. 3)
[2018] NSWSC 167 R v Stephen (No.2)
[2017] NSWSC 1740 R v Stephen
[2018] NSWSC 158 Breen v Clough (No 2)  Am
[2018] NSWDC 23 Kurt Michael Devetak v R
[2018] NSWSC 147 Mackinnon as plaintiff representative of 153 plaintiff group members v Partnership of Larter, Jones, Miraleste Pty Ltd t/as USG Partner and Johnson, t/as "STC Sports Trading Club" (No 4)  Am
[2018] NSWCCA 18 GD v R  Am
[2018] NSWSC 131 Blythe v Willis
[2017] NSWLEC 1760 RNB 49 Drumalbyn Pty Ltd v Woollahra Municipal Council
[2018] NSWCATOD 23 Briscoe-Hough v Tegg and Ors
[2018] NSWLEC 1075 Lemnian Association of NSW Maroula Club Ltd v Canterbury-Bankstown Council
[2017] NSWSC 1207 Combined Projects (Kogarah) Pty Ltd v Sayour
[2017] NSWSC 1208 State of New South Wales v JC (No 4)
[2018] NSWSC 161 Mrdajl v Southern Cross Constructions (NSW) Pty Ltd (In Liq)
[2017] NSWSC 1397 Marque Lawyers Pty Ltd v Ryer Development Ltd
[2018] NSWSC 157 National Australia Bank Ltd v Charlton; Charlton v The General Manager, NSW Rural Assistance Authority
[2017] NSWSC 1508 Ryan v McDonalds Australia Ltd
[2017] NSWSC 937 Hzaife v Manager of the Therapeutic CUBIT Program, Corrective Services NSW; Bilal v Manager of the Therapeutic CUBIT Program, Corrective Services NSW  Am
[2018] NSWDC 22 R v ST
[2018] NSWLEC 1079 Watkins Road Development Pty Ltd v Newcastle City Council  Am
[2018] NSWSC 70 Decision restricted
[2018] NSWSC 69 Decision restricted
[2018] NSWSC 163 The Estate of Mark Edward Tighe
[2017] NSWSC 1836 Decision restricted
[2018] NSWSC 153 Gonzales v State Coroner of New South Wales
[2017] NSWDC 411 R v Scott Miles
[2018] NSWSC 139 Fisher v Roads and Maritime Services New South Wales
[2018] NSWLEC 13 The Owners – Strata Plan 6877 v; 2 – 4 Lachlan Avenue Pty Ltd  Am
[2018] NSWSC 138 Lazarus and Ors v Independent Commission Against Corruption and Anor; Lazarus v State of New South Wales and Ors
[2018] NSWIRComm 1009 Health Services Union NSW v Ministry of Health; re infectious cleaning allowances
[2018] NSWSC 159 Younes v Parvin
[2018] NSWSC 140 Glenn William Parker v Select Civil Pty Limited  Am
[2018] NSWSC 141 Gresham Property Investments Limited v Global Consulting Services Pty Limited; Global Consulting Services Pty Limited v Gresham Property Investments Limited  Am
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Medium Neutral Citation (MNC)

Each decision or judgment is assigned a unique number, which can be used to identify it. The Medium Neutral Citation, or MNC, is an international standard, and is made up of three parts:

  • [2014]
  • 98
  • The year
    2014 is year that the decision or judgment was delivered.
  • The court
    NSWSC is the New South Wales Supreme Court
  • The sequence no.
    In this case, 98. Sequence numbers may not represent the exact order.